Clean, Lean & Savvy, LLC

Transforming Diet Into A Lifestyle!

It's pretty simple, I love food!  My belief is that food should taste yummy, really really yummy.  Which means that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring, tasteless, or make you feel deprived.

That's why I created an extremely tasty snack food line that is not only delicious but isn't loaded with sugar or artificial and unnecessary ingredients.

My secret is I'm obsessed.  Not only with good food, but with what's in it.  When my daugter was diagnosed with Celiac's disease, I had no choice but to become an expert label reader.

My Clean, Lean and Savvy snacks are always Gluten Free and made with simple, clean ingredients.  That is my pledge to you!

When you eat clean food, you will feel and look better.  That is Clean, Lean and Savvy living.

Indulge, enjoy and be free!

~Suzie Carpenter
Mom and Certified Peak Health Coach with over 10 years experience eating, cooking and teaching gluten free living

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